A Genie in a Doll

It all started when I suggest bringing a doll of each

It would be fun, I said

You said yes

You hinted the doll will be mine by tomorrow

I got so excited

My cheeks were beaming

When the day comes

Our doll met

Smiling, sat next to each other

Having their one and only time being together perhaps

So are we

Spending time with each other

When the time is up

That doll become like the magic lamp

I rub it and those last memories show up

It wouldn’t be fun anymore, I said as my eyes start soaking wet


By the next day

The genie trapped inside

Screaming out loud begging for me to rub

On that night

I put the doll beside me on the bed

Talk to it romantically

Give it affection

Helplessly hoping one day it will be you

Though I know just a waste of time


As the day went by

I was rushed by the reality

Flame of hope slowly dims

I talk to the doll less and less

That holy place on bed became cold

Perhaps it becomes like me




Perhaps secretly wanting a slight miracle



The doll is at the end of the bed

The genie still trapped inside

Still waiting for me to rub

But this time,

it makes no sound

Because the genie knows

As the flame completely off,

so does my feeling