Leadership Orientation Training (LOTr) 2022


An organization is a place where the members can learn how to work with other people while obtaining and improving their soft skills. These soft skills are required when college students have finished their studies and want to continue to work. By learning how to work with other people and improving soft skills in the organization, college students will struggle less in the professional world. That’s why an organization’s experience from college is one of the most important things that college students must have or experience.

Teamwork is one of the keys to success in HIMSI. When teamwork is done well, the results will also be maximal and satisfying. Considering we are amid this pandemic, teamwork is very needed since working individually would be difficult.  Hence, we are conducting online LOTr (Leadership Oriented Training) where through this event we want to teach HIMSI’s candidates how to have good teamwork. 


Continuing the LOTr last year, we have chosen to hold LOTr this year as well. Despite holding the event online, we’re looking forward to having this event where cooperation from each HIMSI activist is needed. Through this event, we hope to train the candidates of HIMSI with the skills needed for the future. 


 The goals which will be achieved are:

  1. To give the general knowledge about HIMSI. 
  2. To introduce the activist of HIMSI. 
  3. To tell the basic skills needed in HIMSI. 
  4. To give general knowledge about the organization in BINUS. 
  5. To intensify the relationship towards each other and to encourage English department students’ sense of belonging towards HMJ, the Major and the Faculty.
  6. To develop performance in organization life in order to develop inside and outside HIMSI.