Getting to Know the Endangered Animals in Indonesia

Hello! How’s everybody doing during this PPKM? I hope you are all doing good, since I’m bringing you a new and fresh content to add a little bit of fun facts in your library. I know you feel tired to wait until this pandemic comes to an end, but reading and sharpening your knowledge, while you guys lie in bed, with headphones, and a scrolling TikTok won’t hurt anyone, right? What? I’m right aren’t I? Don’t let my words come into your head guys, it was just a joke! Don’t let this distract you from the fact that I’m going to give you an informative explanation about 5 endangered animals that are currently protected by the country. And without further ado, let’s take a look shall we?

  1. Komodo Dragon

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The first animal that made the list, I think you already know about this predator. Being the sacred treasure of Indonesia, and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The Komodo dragon can only be found in Pulau Komodo of course, Flores, and the rest of East Nusa Tenggara. Known as the predator that has a strong bite, and most important of all that it has a venomous gland that is produced through its gum. Right now Komodo has become the most protected animal in Indonesia due to its rareness, so the government decided to make the National Komodo Park in order to keep the population alive, and prevent them from extinction. Can you imagine seeing a Komodo with your own eyes? I know, it looks like me crawling back to my ex.

2. Red Arwana

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If you ever encounter this kind of Arwana, don’t you DARE to get it for your own! You should have brought me with you. I swear to God that it was just a joke, because this Red Arwana that you are seeing on your screen could grant you millions rupiah if you sell it since it has already become very rare, and many people often try to exploit it. There are many kinds of Arwana, but this Red Arwana can only be found in West Kalimantan. The government has officially stated that Danau Lindung Empangau that’s located in the region is protected under the law because the lake is the most productive water on producing the Red Arwana, and also to protect them from illegal hunting. Most importantly, Arwana can live longer than you thought if they are placed in the right water, not polluted.

3. Sumatran Tiger

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I know what you are all thinking “Ey! This is just an ordinary tiger”. Well that’s where you got it wrong. This guy right here is a Sumatran Tiger, one of the endangered animals that I have mentioned about. Sumatran Tiger can only be found in Sumatra Island, being labelled as endangered animal, right now, there are only 500 of them remaining. This happened because of their habitat destruction, and the high death rate due to illegal hunting. This poor animal is often found on illegal trade where parts of their body are being sold with high prices in black market. Don’t be surprised if someday the Sumatran Tigers become extinct, the high amount of illegal hunting is the cause of their downfall.

4. Merak Bird

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I’m still sad about knowing the fact that Merak has come to an extinction. They are the most beautiful birds I’ve ever witnessed in my whole life. The Merak Bird can be found on the Asia mainland, such as India, Nepal, and Indonesia. They are known for their bright color and the tails that can be classified as a huge one.  The bright color and feather usually bloom in the mating season to attract one another. The Merak have their feathers as their beauty and charm, they also use them to attract a hunter to kill them in order to make decorations, or even sell the whole thing for money. Even though we all see that the feathers are only used for beauty, it can also be used as self-defense for them whenever they are in a threat.

5. Dugong

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If you ever wonder what a mermaid looks like, then look at the picture above, that’s mermaid in real life. I’m not even joking right now, dugong is a sea mammal that lives in Indo-Pacific water. Dugong can survive until around 70 years old if there are no external disturbance, and they are the only sea herbivore mammal creature that exist to maintain the water ecosystem. Whenever they are searching for food, Dugong can hold their breath for up to 12 minutes long while swimming deep down in the water. I don’t get why people want to hunt this cutie for its meat, I mean there’s a lot of delicious food around the world than eating a dugong. I’m guessing that they want to try something new? I mean, look at the picture above, it looks a lot like me struggling to look for an internship this semester. So why even bother to hunt them. Until this day, dugong are still being hunted for its meat even though the government has made the law to protect this creature since they are also one of the aquatic biota that have an important role to the sea. 

I know that good jewelry comes from good material, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hunt those who are soon-to-be extinct. Keeping them safe is like the act of keeping the national treasure, and it really help our country to keep them out of the extinct status. So as an Indonesian citizen, I’m proudly say that we already have many valuable things in this country, so why even bother to ruin it all?

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