The Leadership Orientation Training for the 2021’s Activists

On Friday, April 16, 2021, HIMSI conducted the second online leadership orientation training. It was due to the unsolved cases of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. Also, because of the regulation from the government that university students are still unable to attend the university on site. We sincerely hope that the pandemic will be over soon with the ongoing vaccination program conducted across the nation. 

Now, let’s get into HIMSI’s LDK which is called Leadership Orientation Training (LOTr). LOTr is very important for the future activists of HIMSI. After the interview by the committee, the candidate will go through this training to be officially part of HIMSI. This training will inform the responsibilities and duties to all the new candidates. The activity started at 10:00 a.m until 2:30 p.m at Zoom, with a total of 34 participants ranging from Binusian 23 and 24. 

The President of HIMSI, Pieter Bagaskara Astadiningrat started the event by giving an opening speech. He welcomed the new Troops (the term for the member of HIMSI) and later the event was followed by HIMSI 101 material which was also delivered by the President. The Vice President of HIMSI, Clara Nathania and the Treasurer of HIMSI, Ahmad Fikri Adzhani collaborated to deliver the Communication Skills material to the new Troops. As the result of Friday Prayer, the event needed to be paused.  

After the Friday Prayer, the event continued with Kahoot quizzes to test the Troops’ understanding of the HIMSI 101 material that was delivered by Pieter. The HR Coordinator, Adhitya Fajar Ramadhan, led the ice-breaking session with a very fun and intense Hangman game. Nadia Salsabila, the Secretary of HIMSI, delivered the proposal material and followed with more quizzes in Kahoot. Nearing the end of the event, the Troops were divided into seven groups and each group was assigned to make a proposal which consisted of 4-5 people. They were separated in their own breakout room and had a discussion to arrange the proposal. 

Despite the technical issues that happened during the training, the event still went well. Both the committee and participants were happy with the activities that happened. The Deputy Head of Department, Miss Criscentia Jessica Setiadi also took a brief part during the event.

The main event ended with the closing speech from the HIMSI 2020’s President, Sherdy Tanzarez. He hopes that in the future, HIMSI will have a transparent system throughout the members. Before the event ended, the Troops had a Q&A session with the committee from the event and expressed their feelings toward the training. All of the future activists of HIMSI are looking forward to working together in the organization and giving their best efforts to the organization’s agenda. 

Editor: Handiko Wijaya & Clara Nathania

Bryan Adinata Budiono & Akbar Satyono Rahmadhito