HIMSI’s New President & DPI for 2021-2022

On Monday, 5th April 2021, a few representative students from BINUS University were attending a ceremony in BINUS Alam Sutera GOR. The ceremony was an inauguration for the new leader, or commonly known as the president, for OK and UKM (both stand for Organisasi Kemahasiswaan and Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa). It was the first time the inauguration of the President of OK and UKM to be conducted online and offline at the same time.

One of those few students was our newly elected president of HIMSI, Pieter Bagaskara Astadiningrat. Pieter is a selected president based on an election that was held last year. The ceremony was safe because the committee applied a tight health protocol, and not every OK and UKM new elected president attending the inauguration. Some of them attended the event through Zoom, like the rest of HIMSI’s new Board of Management. This year, HIMSI also introduced a new board of management that is going to manage the organization. Those people are Clara Nathania as the Vice President, Nadia Salsabila as the secretary, and Ahmad Fikri Adzhani as the treasurer.

The inauguration lasted for two hours from 1 to 3 p.m. and started with an introduction of the new presidents of OK and UKM’s names. Later, while the newly elected presidents were standing, they received a special pin for reach and attached it to their jas almamater. The pin symbolized their positions in the OK or UKM. After that, a representation from the newly elected presidents came forward to read Janji Ketua Organisasi Kemahasiswaan. The rector of BINUS followed afterward with a speech. Thus, the official ceremony was ended, and closed by a performance by STAMANARA and a band club.

The inauguration is over, and HIMSI right now is under new management. We can only hope for the best of HIMSI. Our newly elected president with the new BoM surely needs as much help as possible. Let’s work together to make HIMSI a better place. And again, congratulations to Pieter Bagaskara Astadiningrat as the new President of HIMSI and the rest of the new Board of Management for the period of 2021 –2022!

Editor: Nadia Salsabila, Clara Nathania & Pieter Bagaskara Astadiningrat



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