Leadership Orientation Training (LOTr) 2021


An organization is a place where the members can learn how to work with other people. These soft skills are required when college students have done their studies and want to continue to work. By learning how to work with other people in the organization, college students will struggle fewer in the professional world. That’s why an organization’s experience from college is one of the most important things that college students must have or experience.

In HIMSI, cooperation is one of the most critical skills to have. If the cooperation works well, then the project result will be satisfying as well. As the next HIMSI’s candidates start to rise, we hope to teach them about the cooperation that HIMSI needs through LOTr (Leadership Oriented Training), especially in this situation where we can’t meet one another.

Continuing the theme of LOTr last year (STRONG FOUNDATION FOR EVERLASTING HIMSI), we’ve chosen WORKING TOGETHER THROUGH THE PANDEMIC as our theme for this year’s LOTr. Despite the pandemic, we’re looking forward to having some events that require cooperation from each HIMSI activist. We choose this theme because we are certain that the pandemic won’t stop us from being active in our organization.


 The goals which will be achieved are:

  1. To give the general knowledge about HIMSI
  2. To tell the basic skills needed in HIMSI
  3. To give general knowledge about organization in BINUS
  4. To intensify the relationship towards each other and to encourage English department student’s sense of belonging towards HMJ, the Major and the Faculty.
  5. To develop performance in organization life in order to develop inside and outside HIMSI