Himpunan Mahasiswa Sastra Inggris

Student Organisation of Bina Nusantara University's English Literature Department

Journalism Club

Under HIMSI, Journalism Club publishes a magazine titled GLIDES once every two months. The copies are limited but free and can be picked up at the English Department Main Office in Kijang Campus. The e-magazine version is also available. The content always revolves around pop culture, recent updates from English Department, and many more.

Check out the latest volume of Glides: Volume 26

Drama Club

The Drama Club of the English Department is a club who practices the arts of theatrical performance using English. They performed classical plays, original plays, and several other kinds of plays.

Movie Club

Movie Club is a part of English Department that serves as a media of learning and experiencing culture from movies. Movie Club presents any genre of movie from action, romance to horror.

Follow their Instagram @movieclub_ed

Book Club

Officially coming out in 2022


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Handiko Wijaya

Mariane Shania

Meltin Kety

M. Ardan Abdilla

Mega Evitaningrum

Alexandra Lyana

M. Alif Hidayat

Hussaina Yasmine