Community in Christ

Community in Christ is a community of believers of the Lord Jesus Christ in Binus International University, with a mission to strengthen and encourage each other’s faith and convictions through fellowship and other activities inside or outside of campus.
By strengthening the relationship with God, we will be able to study and work in accordance to God’s guidance and to improve ourselves as a better person as God wills us to be, and for others to see God’s image through ourselves.

“To become His disciple who signifies His glory in our daily life”

To strengthen every person in carrying out their lives so that whatever happens – there is no fear anymore, nevertheless to remind them that God is always watching over their lives, and how they never walk alone, and also to know who God is at a deeper level.

“Equip, Empower, Encourage”

Equipping us with the word of God and to also introduce who God is in order for us to know each of His good plans for our lives so we will be able to surrender to His will for our lives.


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