BNUS INTERNATIONAL Pool of English Debaters

BIPEDS stands for Binus International Pool of English Debaters. We are a prestigious English debate club established in Binus International. This year we are entering our 16th year, and so far we are proud to say that we have achieved many accomplishments both nationally and internationally.

We continuously encourage our members to strive and create an impact in the society by enriching ourselves and others with general knowledge, as well as supplementary education which may not be emphasized in our majors. Moreover, we urge our members to think outside the box and use their critical thinking in analyzing problems currently existing in status quo, whilst providing a solution towards it. As a club, we believe in empowering our members not only through providing education, but also by creating a safe platform for ideas and discussion through English debating.


To be one of the most influential, respected, and reputable debating society in national and International level by maintaining a pool of qualified debaters and adjudicators.


To develop its members’ core competencies (mainly logical thinking and argumentation), research, analysis, critical thinking and public speaking.

BIPEDS Organizational Structure


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Dzikri Ramadhan

Fathur Abrar Matondang

Fiona Pratiwi Suharto

Nathanael Setiawan