Business Opportunities during the Pandemic

The spread of the Covid-19 in Indonesia has caused the Government to urge the public to limit physical contact. Limiting physical contact has a significant impact on many parties, one of which is business people. Not a few business actors have revealed that the decline in income during the Covid-19 pandemic is indeed quite influential on business continuity and is considered to bring changes in business going forward, especially in consumer behavior and consumption.


The following are 3 business sectors that are developing in current conditions, including:


  1. Basic needs business

Communities need supplies of basic commodities including food and drink under any conditions, even in difficult conditions. The capital is relatively small, the workforce is not too much, but the profit has the potential to be large and the cash flow turnover is fast. Businessmen can take advantage of online shops and online delivery. Examples of basic needs include rice, sugar, salt, cooking oil, daily cleaning supplies such as soap, shampoo, and so on. While some examples of food supplies that can be sold such as frozen food.


  1. Health product business.

Currently, the market demand for health products is very high. In fact, many customers have difficulty getting these health products, so the presence of a health product business such as masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, face shields, vitamins and others is very much needed and has the potential to be profitable.


  1. Delivery service business.

This business is considered to be able to survive in crisis conditions due to the increasing demand for delivery services to meet individual needs for food and daily consumption goods without having to leave home.