Dior uses “Kain Endek” from Bali in Paris Fashion Week

The Dior fashion house at the Paris Fashion Week presents a magical nuance. With a dimly lit stage set and an aesthetically pleasing glass mosaic background. What is aesthetic is not only that, but also the appearance of the Endek Bali cloth in the collection.

But that is not all that is unique, Dior wears the Endek Bali cloth as part of his collection. Endek Bali cloth is Dior’s choice of material for the Spring / Summer 2021 collection which is displayed at Paris Fashion Week on the afternoon of 29 September 2020 at Jardin de Tuileries, Paris.

Indonesian ambassador in France said that “The use of Endek Bali fabrics for the Spring / Summer 2021 collection by Christian Dior, is a high recognition of the beauty and quality of Endek Bali fabrics and contributes positively to the international fashion world. Hopefully, this will be an encouragement for people in Bali amid the challenges of Covid-19,”

From about 86 collections of clothing on display, there are at least 9 collections that wear this Endek cloth. This Balinese Endek cloth is not only applied by Chiuri as a material for clothing. She also wears this vintage, earthy tone fabric as part of her bag collection.

Based on the research conducted by the Christian Dior Team, the Endek Bali cloth is a cultural value that is very much in accordance with the work that Christian Dior wanted to raise.

The coordination and cooperation between the Indonesian Embassy in Paris and Christian Dior are carried out closely to ensure that the use of the Endek cloth is in accordance with the rules of Balinese culture and customs.