BIMARC On The Job Training


First of all, thank you everyone for participating in BIMARC’s On the Job Training (OJT) on the 24th of October 2020. We were very pleased to see your fresh freshmen faces and hope that each one of you is able to understand how the department you chose.

Here are the details of what happened in our OJT event!

During this OJT event, freshmen were scheduled to attend a meeting based on their chosen department. This department includes the human resources, publication & social media, event & partnership, and creative design. This was a great way for freshmen to get an introduction of their chosen department and gain experience of what it feels like being a member. Each department provided an explanation of the functionalities of each member and what they do. In the end of the session, freshmen were assigned to do a task within a few days and present it to the main members of their chosen department.

In the human resources department, participants were taught about PDP. PDP that stands for Personal Development Plan is required to keep track of the performance of each member in every department. Participants were divided into groups and were given a task where they had to come up with new ice breakers, since the human resources department is to unite and bring people together. Being in this department, it is expected that participants should be cooperative, dedicated and have a positive attitude. Not to forget that communication is required between other BIMARC members.


Next department is the event and planning department. Event planning includes budgeting, establishing the timelines, finding possible speakers and many things that require an event to happen. To prepare the participants, they were given the task to create a possible event that they have in mind and create the planning draft. This draft includes the possible venue, date, sponsors and the purpose of the event. After their task is completed, participants had to present their event planning ideas and this was assessed by the members from the event and planning department. This requires detailed work, commitment, and the skill to communicate with people outside of campus.


Moving on to the publication & social media department, the sessions were divided into 2 separate days. The first day was the brief introduction of the job desks, the programs that the social media team has been doing and sharing sessions from each member of their experience being in the social media department. On the second day, participants were taught the idea on how to create a good content by using these three steps: choose a topic, research on the topic and create a draft. Participants were later assigned to find and write something trendy and unique to be featured on instagram. Before being featured, their draft will be designed by the creative team.


The final department is the creative design department. Participants were taught design tools, colour code and logo placement. The task that was given to the participants was to create a design with the design that was provided by the freshmen of social media & publication department. The designs should be creative and eye catching to others. This requires creativity, patience, and good management skills.

Each department was informed to fill in the PDP and KPI to keep track of each individual’s work and progress. This is a great way to prevent any biased situation. Every department is important and interrelated with each department. It takes great cooperation to have a functional and productive organization like BIMARC.

We hope that everyone enjoyed their time and gained experience from the On the Job Training. Stay tuned, so you won’t miss any further exciting upcoming events from BIMARC!

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