This year, our events will be as listed down below:

  • Leadership Orientation Training (LOTr)
    • The first event on our agenda is LOTr! What is LOTr? LOTr stands for Leadership Orientation Training. The goal of this event is to prepare the soon to be activists of HIMSI.
  • Benchmarking
    • This event is for us to learn more from other organization. The goal is to take what we learn from the organization and hopefully will be a good experience for us to be better in the future.
  • Pengabdian Pada Masyarakat (P2M)
    • P2M is an event for us BINUSIAN and as an organization to interact with the locals. With this event, we hope that we can build a stronger bond with the locals.
  • English Literature Festival (ELF)
    • English Literature Festival (ELF) is an event where we are going to invite school from across the country and let them compete in English competition. This event other than to build reputation for BINUS English Department to be more well-known in Indonesia is to encourage the youngsters to be more competitive and try their best.
  • Latian Dasar Kepemimpinan Calon Pengurus (LDK CP) – HIMSI’s CREED
    • This LDK is made for the newer activists as a requirement for them to be the next HIMSI coordinator. With this LDK we hope the newer activists will be ready to carry on HIMSI in the next period.
  • Temu Keakraban Himpunan (TKH) – OMNIS
    • TKH is an event where we gather and invite the freshmen and have fun together while giving them advice on how to live a college life. With this event, we hope that the freshmen will know they upperclassmen better and leave no awkwardness between us.