Computer Science Student Association

BINUS INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER SCIENCE SOCIETY, or we often call our self BINARY, is a club that focuses on the togetherness and the bond between one and another computer science students. We are so far the biggest club in BINUS INTERNATIONAL, with about 100 members while you’re reading this.


Building a society that grows together in learning and sharing the knowledge of computer science.


Becoming a platform of creativity for all Computer Science.
Connecting one another of the members of BINARY.
Develop engaging events for all members to participate.

We open registration for new members for the Freshmen when the BINUSIAN 2024 (FYP B2024) EXPO First Year program schedule takes place.

Registration can be done via the following link: Registration Online


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Aimee Putri Hartono

Angeline Karen

Bently Edyson

Calvin Scorpiano Halim

Ellyz Yaory

Eric Edgari

Gardyan Priangga Akbar

Jason Christian Hailianto

Jason Jeremy Wijadi