The Merge of BASIS

Binus International Association of Information System or called as BASIS is the student community of BIS Student of BINUS International. BASIS has been exclusive academic student organization since it was first established. Currently, it is under the supervision of the School of Information System. Its aim is to unite all Information System Students by organizing various events and gatherings to share knowledge.

There is 8 organization committee, who William Karyose as the president of BASIS 2020.

As the time passes, with further discussions, start in next year there will be a merge of 3 organizations of information system. The organizations are HIMSISFO, HIMKA, and BASIS. Those organization is the student’s association of Information System major in BINUS University.

With the merge of HIMSISFO, HIMKA, and BASIS, we hope that this integration of 3 organizations can be the place for IS Students to develop their student capacity in the form of positive and creative aspirations through various activities.