HANTAM Podcast – A Podcast by BASIS

To introduce BASIS, the committee has one program to develop the performance of BASIS. Nowadays, podcast is such a popular entertainment form. Many people start to create podcast. But before that, what is podcast? Podcast is another method to entertain, humor, and educate. They are all sound but also could be the video recording. Most of podcasts come in the form of series, just like tv show and divided into episodes.

So the idea of BASIS is to create the Podcast originally created by BASIS members. The podcast is called HANTAM Podcast. Every two weeks there will be a shooting of the podcast. The venue is both on the spot and online meeting. Where the OTS Venue is FX Campus and online venue through zoom meeting. Until now, there are 2 episodes of the podcast. In the podcast they talk about what is BASIS, what is like the life of Information Students, how it feels to be the student of Binus International especially in Information System Major. Not only about campus topic, but also the podcast talk about games and something like that. The second podcast of HANTAM Podcast is talk about how the “Future World” will be. It so much fun and entertain.

Go check the HANTAM Podcast new episode in the —> youtube.com/watch?v=6Linztoeja4&t=91s

or YouTube: Hantam Podcast