Business Information Systems Networking Night 2018

Event Name : Business Information Systems Networking Night 2018
Day/Date : Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018
Time : 05 – 09 pm
Venue : Main Lobby – JWC Campus

Student, Alumni & Global Employability Dept. & BASIS held the annual Business Information Systems Networking Night on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018. This event warmly welcomes all members of BASIS including alumni and freshmen, as a way of introducing the Business Information Systems world from seniors to the newcomers. Started at 17 PM, the Networking Night was opened with a welcoming speech by Samuel Mahatmaputra T., S.Kom., M.Info.Tech. Head of the Business Information Systems Program.

A Talk Show with alumni was the main activity on Networking Night. Two alumni, Sicilia Chandra (BINUSIAN 2007), and Michae Jovan (BINUSIAN 2016) were the main speakers. In the Talk Show, the speakers shared their views and thoughts in a fun manner regarding their studies, career challenges, various experiences and gave advice to the audience.

The different of event frim this year is by adding new concepts such as a speed dating activity. The committee provide them with target requirements on what they are supposed to find out by connecting with their fellow guests. The main purpose of this activity is to strengthen the bond between students and alumni’s by turning networking into something fun, as well as allowing some ice-breaking activity.


About 24 participants join this event. They are the alumni, students & faculty member.


  • Sicillia Chandra – Alumni 2007, Commonwealth Bank
  • Michael Jovan – Alumni 2016, Tanihub